What’s Happening at Williams Week of 10.24.2022

  • We will be having our Halloween parties on Friday. Your teacher should have been in contact with you regarding what they will be doing. Students are allowed to wear costumes to school. We want to make sure that costumes are suitable for all ages so we ask that there are no weapons, blood, or gore. Additionally, students are not allowed to wear masks as we need to be able to see their faces.  This is our monthly dollar day this month, but the dollar is optional.  All Dollar day money is going to building a new picnic area for our students.   

  • The weather in Michigan can be unpredictable and this means varying temperatures. Please be sure to send your child to school dressed appropriately to be outside for approximately 30 minutes. Please let us know if you need assistance providing appropriate outerwear for your child.  Our school rule is that if it is 50 degrees or lower, they must have a coat.

  • A huge “Thank You” to everyone who has participated in our “Dining Out” fundraising efforts organized by our awesome PTA. We have over $1,000 extra now to spend on our students! The next “Dine-Out” Evening will be with the Hillsdale Pizza Hut on Wednesday, December 7th. More details to follow. 

  • Our clothing closet is in need of girls pants, specifically smaller sizes. If  you happen to have items that your children have outgrown, please send them our way!

  • Cold and flu season is here.  Please make sure you call Mrs. Nash at the office if your child is going to be out sick or going to the doctor.  We cannot excuse absences that are not called in within 24 hours.  If you take your child to any kind of doctor, always get a note so we can excuse it.  School starts at 8:00, so please make sure your child is dropped off by 7:55 at the latest.  Thanks!

  • Save the date! We will be holding our Annual Title I Parent Night along with a Language Arts/Social Studies Night on Thursday, November 10th from 5:00-7:00 pm. More details will follow!